How to Track Mailchimp Campaign in Google Analytics

How to Track Mailchimp Campaign in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can not be only used for tracking website visitors but it is also used to track your email campaigns. In this guide, I will walk you through how to track Mailchimp Campaigns in Google Analytics. Create Your Mailchimp Campaign Login to your Mailchimp account Click on campaigns tab and then click “create campaign” […]

How to Create Audiences in Google Analytics

Google Analytics contains a lot lot of data. It is up to you, how you understand and use to improve your business. One of the great use of Google Analytics data is to create an audience for your Adwords ads. Audiences in Google Analytics are a group of users who perform similar actions. You can […]

How to Identify & Filter Spam Traffic in Google Analytics

One of the primary reasons for inaccurate data in Google Analytics is spam traffic. This segment of traffic isn’t real and is a combination of bots and spiders crawling your website. The unwanted traffic that comes to your website without any of your investment or efforts is known as spam traffic in Google Analytics. We […]

How to Find Duplicate Transactions in Google Analytics

One of the important things we do after setting up enhanced ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics is to verify the ecommerce data. Verifying data means to make sure the transactions data is accurate. One of the things we test while verifying ecommerce data is to look for duplicate transactions. There are multiple reasons which causes duplicate transactions in Google […]

Change the Domain Name of Your Google Analytics

How to Change the Domain Name of Your Google Analytics Property and Submit it to Search Console If you have just redesigned your website and would like to move from to .com For Instance: to First,  make sure you have all the proper checks for migration and have prepared the redirect map […]

Full URL Tracking in Google Analytic

Full Page URLs In Google Analytics Reports

Full page URL filters can be extremely helpful in many different scenarios. If you’re using an analytics code across multiple different subdomains, different TLD (top level domains), admin areas, user areas, etc. One early decision to make on applying any new filter is to confirm which view it will be included on. A good practice […]

exclude urls query parameters

Exclude URL Query Parameters in Google Analytics

URL Query parameters are variables that contain information and are attached at the end of URL preceded with a question mark(?). The query parameter might be a search string or any other parameters that are attached to pass some information. This guide will help you exclude all the URL query parameters from your Google Analytics […]

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