How to Track Mailchimp Campaign in Google Analytics

How to Track Mailchimp Campaign in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can not be only used for tracking website visitors but it is also used to track your email campaigns. In this guide, I will walk you through how to track Mailchimp Campaigns in Google Analytics. Create Your Mailchimp Campaign Login to your Mailchimp account Click on campaigns tab and then click “create campaign” […]

How to Create Facebook Custom Conversions

Facebook custom conversions allow us to track and optimize every action on specific pages of our website. It eliminates the need of adding any extra code to Facebook pixel code. The new Facebook pixel requires a single pixel on every converting page rather than adding a unique pixel for every page. In a nutshell, custom […]

How to Build a Facebook Funnel for Ecommerce Stores

How to Build a Facebook Funnel for Ecommerce Stores

Facebook pixel enables you to measure the success of your Facebook ads and also gives you the ability to track user actions and pageviews. One of the important benefits of using Facebook pixel is, you can create any events funnel easily. In this guide, I will show you how to create any funnel using Facebook […]

How to Create Audiences in Google Analytics

Google Analytics contains a lot lot of data. It is up to you, how you understand and use to improve your business. One of the great use of Google Analytics data is to create an audience for your Adwords ads. Audiences in Google Analytics are a group of users who perform similar actions. You can […]

How to create a Custom Audience Using Facebook Pixel Events

If you have setup Facebook pixel on your website, you can easily create a custom audience based on the specific pixel. A custom audience is a group of website visitors who perform the same action or view the same page. You can use a custom audience for retargeting and product dynamic remarketing. For example, if […]

How to Remove Spam Referral Traffic from Facebook

So recently I noticed that installing Facebook Pixel via Google Tag Manager records spam traffic in ads manager. I didn’t notice this until I saw the purchase pixel. It was displaying 24 purchases in the last 7 days but there was no actual purchase in the backend. How to view the referral URL in ads […]

How to Track Checkboxes with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a wonderful, life-saving tool for tracking events. Life would have been pretty difficult without it! I came across a lot of people asking how to track the checkboxes on different community platforms. So, I decided to jot down a simple tutorial to help the fellows. There are multiple cases when you […]

How to Identify & Filter Spam Traffic in Google Analytics

One of the primary reasons for inaccurate data in Google Analytics is spam traffic. This segment of traffic isn’t real and is a combination of bots and spiders crawling your website. The unwanted traffic that comes to your website without any of your investment or efforts is known as spam traffic in Google Analytics. We […]

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