Get 10X Qualified Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. To get more clients you need to more leads. But what’s the effective way to get high-quality leads without spending a fortune…?

Lead Generation Concepts & Strategies

  • Defining your best lead
  • Learn the lead generation formula (tTxC=qL) that guarantees qualified leads flowing
  • How to use contextual marketing to create marketing message that triggers your potential to make an enquiry
  • Why doing both brand marketing & lead generation marketing is must for high quality lead acquisition at low cost
  • Common & costly lead generation mistakes
  • Identify leaks in your current lead generation model and how to fix it

Targeted Facebook & Google Advertising

  • The One Thing that will make your Facebook™ ads stand out from your competitors
  • How to create Facebook™ Ad content that resonates with your audience and captures quality leads at a low cost
  • Figure out which Ad Type is best for your business
  • Spy on competitor’s FB Ads strategy
  • Use advanced Facebook targeting to find customers
  • NEW: Secret TOOL to target members of any Facebook™ Groups (including Closed Group Members)
  • Discover 3 weird mistakes 90% of Facebook™ advertisers are making
  • Learn the battle tested Sequencing Method for converting lost leads
  • and much more…

Effective Email Marketing

  • What email marketing is NOT?
  • Permission: Bedrock of email marketing qualified leads flowing
  • Email marketing myths & best practices
  • Tips & strategies to increase open-rate & overall response
  • Understanding subscriber digital body language
  • Advanced psychological strategies for lead nurturing andconversion
  • Choosing frequency schedules
  • Understanding email marketing statistics
  • Measuring the relevant metric
  • Interpret campaign metrics and make continuous improvements

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Targeted Traffic, delivered to your website

Most of the businesses use Google Ads as their primary advertising method. You know why? Because the power of Google Ads is only known when you try at least once. And then there’s no looking back. You will continuously generate traffic to your website which makes more sales on autopilot. 

Not just that, Google will only charge as per click and that’s Pay Per Click (PPC). So having the right strategy to target with a good sales pitch on a landing page will skyrocket your business. 

Guaranteed ROI

You should be able to scale your website’s growth as you see fit and

this is why we offer a variety of Digital Marketing to help you chose the best one.

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